Tööbz are a sexion of superlatives. They are the funkiest, most fit, most blasphemous, cuddliest, most bacon-eating, most vegetarian, best sexion.

    Oh yeah. And they also play the biggest, lowest, most awesome instrument, while rocking out harder than anyone else.
    As a result, any unsuspecting youths who join the Tööbz will be formed into strong young low
    brass players with chops of stainless steel and a penchant for eating bacon and avocadoes, hailing seitan, and blaspheming all living gods*, via the following experiences:

  • Playing such heralded basslines as “I Wish” and “Our House”
  • Roasting a pig and seitan in the dead of the harsh California winter
  • Biking to the beach
  • Cuddle puddling on some poor unsuspecting sexion member
  • Painting bizarre things on large, convex surfaces
  • Rock climbing/acroyogaing/Running/Weight Lifting/Whatever you want
  • *Except for the one true tööba bööda.