Stanford Band Alumni Board

The Stanford Band Alumni Board, founded in 1993 during the retirement of Dr. Art Barnes, works to harness the broad enthusiasm of the alumni base to best support the current band. In particular, they interact with the university on a regular basis, oversee the Barnes Fund (the foremost endowment for the LSJUMB), and have directed the campaigns both to endow the position of the Musical Director and to construct what is now Shak III. Questions about the SBAB, including interest in membership, can be directed either to Greg Louden, chairman of the SBAB, or to Alumni Relations.

Current SBAB Members

Greg Louden, Chairman
Steve Blasberg, Vice Chair
Frank G. Robertson, Financial Officer
Joel Knudson - Secretary
Patrick Neschleba - Fundraising Chair
Tanicia Perry - Reunion Chair
Alex Jardetzky
Alvaro Ponce
Bruce Heiman
Eric Altman
Henry Kim*
Hal Mickelson
Katie Holt
Steve Pappas
Terrill Tanaka
Veronica Bashbush

* On leave from the board; yet to determine return date