You might be wondering, "what is a mellz?" to which the answer is complicated.

In seven haikus,
we, the Mellz, share our mythos.
We go hard like that.

Once upon a time,
the universe, like the mellzcouch,
was green. No...chartreuse.

"Let there be more stuff!"
said Cat to Gnome, verily,
and yea, there was stuff.

Tasty juice was there
for french horns and trumpz to sip,
and babies were made.

Enter Mellophones,
Keepers of the Green Curtain,
Dinosaur Tamers.

The gods feared our sounds.
In their spite, they created
entropy. Those jerks.

Hey! You! Second law
of thermodynamics! Yes,
the mellz will break you!!!!

As for you, reader…
Grab a mell, fight the Big Crunch,
and really rock out!