Fiesta Bowl!

The LSJUMB sent a huge band to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl...we performed shows at the football game, but we were also spotted at a High School Band Championship, the Fiesta Bowl Parade and Block Party, ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo, and the Stanford Alumni Association Pep Rally!

Want to see us in action at the Fiesta Bowl Parade?

Arizona, we hope you enjoyed our presence.

Meet the 2011-2012 Tree

Michael Samuels, '12, unveils his tree for the first football game against San Jose State.

Meet the 2011-12 Dollies

Dollie # 1 - Paula Obler, '13
Dollie # 2 - Jessica Jin, '14
Dollie # 3 - Clare Bailey, '14
Dollie # 4 - Jessica Savoie, '14
Dollie # 5 - Danna Seligman, '14

Want to be a dollie?

Orange Bowl

The Stanford Band travels to the Orange Bowl! No, we weren't banned from doing a field show because we might insult LeBron James - another halftime show was already planned.