What Do We Do?

On Campus Hijinks

As a part of Stanford, we rouse the spirit of everyone associated with our great university. Sometimes we're an athletic pep band. Sometimes we're the side show at a University ceremony. Sometimes we just show up in a classroom or fountain. Regardless of where or when, we remind our peers and colleagues that Stanford is, on any given day, pretty much the best place on earth.

Whatever else happens during the week, we always rehearse at 7 PM on Monday nights during the year, except for Winter Break, Spring Break, and finals weeks. Just show up to the Band Shak (located here) near the Football Stadium and the Track Field. We'll have an instrument for you, as well as people willing to teach you how to play it if you want. If you have any other questions about joining, you can ask them here.

Off Campus Hijinks

Year-round, the LSJUMB can also be found confounding, surprising, frightening and bringing musical joy in random places across the Bay Area and beyond. Want to see the band at the Vietnamese New Year Parade or the Redwood City Fourth of July Parade? You got it. Prefer to have the band barge in on your six-year-old’s birthday party? We’re there. Wish you had a crazy marching band at your Wedding, Bar Mitvah, Funeral, Anniversary, Graduation, Company BBQ, Block Party, Grand Opening, School Picnic, Annual Conference, Ground-Breaking, Ribbon Cutting, Ship Christening? We do 'em all the time! Feel free to invite us, chances are we’ll invite ourselves anyway.

Field Shows

Imagine a shiny, neatly packed precision marching band stepping in time to a single snare drum, silently advancing onto the football field. As they unfold into their first geometric formation and the first notes of "Sonoran Desert/Rocky Point Holiday: A Tribute to the Music of Ron Nelson," are heard, an audience member comments to his 67-year old companion that this is the pinnacle of organizational discipline.

Now imagine the opposite of that and you’ve got the Stanford Band. The LSJUMB runs screaming onto the field and breaks into song, bringing to football fans what Elvis brought to the 1950s. Alternating songs with humorous interludes and themes from its announcers, the band uses a combination of witty political, borderline potty and artful musical humor to entertain its pregame and halftime audiences.With its mix of outrageous props, hilarious costumes and musical revelry with a good amount of dancing and running around screaming, the Stanford Band continually sets the bar for scatter bands across the nation. In the world of scatter bands, the LSJUMB is The Big Poppa. In the world of everything else, the Stanford Band is, well, incomparable. Want to get in on the silliness? Be a writer.


You’ll find the LSJUMB at Stanford sporting events big and small. Entertaining fans, supporting the team and leading cheers, the Band is at every home Football, Women's Volleyball, Men’s Basketball and Women's Basketball Game. The Stanford Band is also known to come out and support our other sports, both club and varsity including: Rugby, Water Polo, Tennis, Soccer, Chess, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Fencing, Sailing, Ultimate, Crew and Softball.

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